We are open 7AM to 530PM . We are $27.00 a day. We also half a rate for 4hours or less a day. That rate is $20.00.  We do not charge  for extras. We are caring for your dog for one price. What they need is what they get. If you want them fed just bring the food with the instructions. If meds are necessary we will do that too.  We are with your dog during their day. If he wants to be held and kissed then they just need to come to us. Our  hugs and kisses are free. Weather permitting  if your dog shows an interest in the pool we will take him in. Some just prefer to float on rafts or just watch the other dogs. We don’t charge extra. We get to enjoy your dog all day for one rate $27.00. If you have 2 dogs the day rate is $37.00. The second dog is discounted.

If you  need help getting your dog to and from daycare we can arrange to bring your dog to and from daycare. There would be an additional charge  for this chauffeur service.


Boarding Info: Overnight boarding dogs must be daycare customers or come to our property at least twice before being left overnight. This is for the comfort of your animal. Your dog will be more comfortable being left somewhere you have taken them before.

The boarding fee for one dog is $35.00 per night. If picked up after 12pm on the pickup day, the owner will be charged a daycare fee of $27.00. When boarding two dogs together, the second dog is discounted and the fee for the two will be $55.00 per night. Please contact us about rates for larger families. Discounted rates are provided for regular daycare