Doggy Daycare For Smaller Dogs Under 21″ tall
Some Boarding Available        


We are located in Quakertown , PA. within 5 minutes of the PA. Turnpike.

All dogs coming to Camp Jean ’s must be current on their shots and must also have a Bordatella shot.. We have a size limit of 21 inches for Camp Jean ’s dogs because we want to make sure that the smallest dogs with delicate bones will be safe from injury while they play. Some small dogs are afraid to play around larger dogs. When larger dogs are playing they can accidentally run over the smaller dogs causing spinal injuries that may not show up until much later in life. At Camp Jean ’s we have eliminated that problem with the size limit. Your dog will be able to show it’s true personality at Camp Jean ’s. Dogs over 21 inches can be boarded at Camp Jeans. Each dog will be evaluated individually. Whether at daycamp or boarding we will give you a video of your dog on their first visit so you can see them enjoying themselves. We provide this service to give you peace of mind and to give you a video memory of your dog for those future years when running and playing may be difficult. We also give daily report cards for daycamp visitors. There are no extra charges for these services. Weather permitting we will invite your dog to swim in the pool under STRICT observation. Some prefer to just float on pool rafts. Our goal for this is to help your dog not to panic if they should find themselves in a pool and to teach them to always go to the ladder or steps. This would allow a small dog to keep above water until help arrives.

I have worked as a Hollywood animal trainer in California from 1988 until 2005. As a trainer I have worked with countless dogs of various breeds and mutt mixes. I understand their needs and how to bring out their best. I have worked at kennels that have had over 40 dogs at a time as well as working with many private owners. In 2005 I moved to PA and worked at a local vet’s doggy daycare. I noticed a need to start an area that would cater to the smaller members of our families.  I currently have six small dogs of my own so there are always plenty of friends for your dog.

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