A dog's view on life

   Aug 22


Yes this is me in a place where no one can bother me. I do , however, get closed up in here sometimes. Momma Jean has learned to check for me before closing the cupboard doors. I figured if this is where the treats magically appear I will sit in here and wait for them to show up.  Here is the link to me getting caught  when I first learned how to get my own treats.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDt7PtNy3wM      Now she  doesn’t store them here but I keep hoping they show up     Hope you all have a great time relaxing too.   Love , M.J.

My Quiet Place

My Quiet Place

   Aug 06


Everyone needs a new look now and then. My human FINALLY had my blog fixed. I did notice though that one thing needs corrected. She is taking credit for MY thoughts. Her name is posted at the top of the blogs. I love the new look that Mr. Johnny did AND he has my counter AND comment section working now. There is a purpose and need for humans in a dogs life.  Give the comment section a try and email me if you have a problem. My email is reelanimals@aol.com . Love to all, M.J.

Mitzi Jo's new look

Mitzi Jo’s new look

   Jul 30


The economy must be good because everyone is on vacation and leaving their dogs with us. Don’t get me wrong I love having friends over but I have resorted to hiding in my favorite cupboard for some peace and quiet. It’s my favorite  because Momma Jean USE to keep the dog treats here until I learned to open the door. Now  she just occasionally tosses some inside because she thinks it’s a cute trick.  Stay cool where ever you are. Love M.J.

Private time for ME

Private time for ME


   Jul 15


Just when I was wondering what I was going to write about I found a new neighbor who ended up on our side of the fence. This is Billy the Bat. I haven’t called him a new friend just a new neighbor because I am not sure he is all that friendly. We found him on the ground on his back while we were going into daycare this morning. Momma Jean covered him with a towel and then as Billy clung to the towel she hung him from the fence line. He WAS on the towel facing away from  our yard but he climbed the towel and is upside down handing on OUR side . I asked him if the blood rushes to his head that way and he said he prefers hanging that way.  He believes he got caught in the storm this morning and  hit the barn because his built in radar was off. He said if he can just recoop a bit he will be on his way. Momma Jean said he helps eat the mosquitoes so we need to be nice to him.  Bats CAN carry Rabies so we won’t be TOO nice. I wonder if I can tell him the fenced area is a no fly zone?  Love M.J.

Billy the BAT

Billy the BAT

   Jul 01


This is my newest dog brother Grady. He’s the only dog I have ever seen with a natural Mohawk. We bought him a spiked collar to go with his image. Have you ever seen a dog with his own Mohawk?



grady mohawk (2) grady mohawk (3)

   Jun 21


OK. You can see from my last post that we had a snapping turtle. That was the 17th. Lucky for us we got our camera back from repair 2 days ago (on the 19th) and look what else was in our yard. ON OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE!!!! Yes folks that is a box turtle.  I am going to have to call a meeting of the woodland creature society and explain the rules of the fence AGAIN. I really enjoy meeting all the new wildlife but they need to say Hi  from THEIR side. I am all about the love but I can’t speak for all the visiting terriers that come to daycare.

A box turtle visit

A box turtle visit

box turtles (2)Can’t wait to see who comes callin’ next. Love M.J.

   Jun 17


I am all for being neighborly but we must practice safety too. Momma Jean has the camera being repaired so I couldn’t get any current video or pictures but this is what happened.  Our visiting dog friend Tessa backed at the fence and kept staring into the woods as she barked. Momma Jean knew this meant something was close by. She went to check on it and of course all of us followed.  When she got close she saw it was the big snapping turtle from the wet lands area. AND HE WAS ON OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE!!!! Momma Jean quick said my favorite word , “COOKIE” and ran towards the barn. We all followed and then she locked the door behind us and gave us a cookie, (she never lies about a cookie). She then got a shovel and scooped him up and let him fall on a pile of leaves on the OTHER side of the fence.  She thinks he weighed about 20 pounds. It was hard to raise the shovel that high.  He landed on his feet and then we were allowed to come out again. I asked him how he got through the fence  and he said he came in through the opened driveway gate and then tried to get back but the fence was in the way. He said he was looking for his wife.  I couldn’t give him the fence line lecture because it was purely an accident.  Another problem solved with the help of dogs. This photo is his mug shot on file from the last time he visited. In this shot he is on HIS side of the fence.

snapping turtle

snapping turtle


   Jun 05

My New Dog Brother Grady

This  is my new dog brother,Grady. He seems to like our visiting dog friend Olivia AND the feeling looks mutual. It’s good everyone is “fixed”. Grady came to us after spending 8 years in a family who didn’t have time for him. They did teach him some kool tricks but apparantly he needs stimulation in his day. He was  living in an apartment  for four months and was on Prozac while he was being fostered. That wasn’t his problem. There is enough going on here that he is considered a very calm dog. When my camera gets back from being fixed I will do a video of his reaction to the word  “squirrel” and post it for all of you. Love  from Me to You  M.J.Grady and Olivia (2) Grady and Olivia (3) Grady and Olivia (4)

   May 17


As I enter this blog I remember the literary agent telling my human that to help with the books we needed to do a blog. My human didn’t have a clue on what to say so our first blog was the introduction  of the characters page from the book.  I see it each time we log in and it makes me laugh. It seems so easy to talk to all of you now.                                                                                            This weekend I went to our towns Arts Alive festival and sat in the “Authors Booth” from 11 to 130 and sold 4 books, I met lots of fans too. Here are some pictures from this weekend. Hope they ,make you Smile. Love M.J.

Waiting for Fans

Waiting for Fans

DSC03786 DSC03787 DSC03791

   May 07

My Dental Visit

Did you know that dogs have 44 teeth?  Well I did until this week. I had a dental cleaning and they took out 8 of my teeth! I had dirty teeth and they cleaned them and found some loose and broken teeth. (No more hard bones for me.)  Momma Jean was proud that I went from 30.2 pounds to 30.0 when they weighed me. I tried to tell her that it was because I hadn’t eaten since 9PM the previous night.  Not even a morning COOKIE! I’m sure if weighed now under normal circumstances I probably got those 2 ounces back. Mom wants me to show you me pretty teeth.  Here ya go.   M.J.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA