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   Mar 20

Unlikely Friends

I was a bit worried when my human allowed this bigger dog in our small dog daycare. Maddie is a golden doodle  that just turned one.  She has lots of energy but amazingly knows how to play with small dogs.  Maddie had her front leg amputated when she was just a puppy and we decided she could play with us rather then go to a big dog daycare where she might get knocked over alot. She knows how to get real small when she is around a small dog so they won’t be afraid. You can see her with a puppy that is 5 pounds in these pictures. Being kind and understanding of each other is an important quality in alkl living things.DSC00838 DSC00839 DSC00843

   Mar 03


mitzi jo 's new look tooNot MY new look but our site’s new look! I am happy to see  Mr. Johnny got it working again.  We had to restart the counter AGAIN but Hopefully  this means all of you can send me a comment again . I couldn’t access my site at all by using the link so Mr. Johnny my genius web guy figured out the problem. It is good to have humans around for the necessities in life.  Love M.J.

   Mar 02

Two Beds are Better than One

This is the life! My dog brother Jiggs took it upon himself to stack 2 beds together for extra comfort. It looks like he is having a good dog dream too. About 3 weeks ago he had to have his toe amputated (ouch!)  because of a tumor.  He finally is over THAT trauma. I am glad we are back to normal now. He had all of Momma Jean’s attention during that time andf I had to tack a back seat to getting fussed over, That’s Ok she is making up for it now.   Love. M.J.sleeping  angel DSC00807

   Jan 27


I was feeling pretty happy about not having any snow  to deal with this season ,,,,and then     POW!!!    Yikes!   Momma Jean looked like a Momma duck with her babies as she  shoveled a path through the yard with all 6 of us ( plus 2 boarding dogs) following right behind her on the way to the barn.  Once she shoveled down the porch stairs we were able to get under the porch deck and pool deck where there wasn’t any snow . We normally have a man come by with a truck to plow our driveway but HE DIDN’T SHOW!!!!!. We had 30 inches of snow in 22 hours.  Early Sat morning to Sunday Morning.  My humans spent Sunday making a path out to the road. One of our clients  had a neighbor come by with 2 snowblowers and they were able to open our driveway to the road AND clean my driveway in front of the barn. We cancelled our daycare on Monday but are open as of Tuesday. Momma Jean also broke down and bought a snowblower. ( there goes my biscuit and treat money). Here are some pics of da

Snow Play in Daycare

Snow Play in Daycare

DSC00708ycare yesterday

Check out that roof!!!

Check out that roof!!!                                                               LOVE YOU ALL, M.J.                                   

   Dec 28



PICTURE with SANTA                       There we were doing our visiting at the nursing home when we saw Santa visiting too. I was surprised he had the time being 2 days before Christmas. He was kind enough to pose with us.  I also wanted you all to see a picture of me doing my door greeting and Sunday school visiting. My blog is suppose to be fixed now so please try to comment  so I know it works. Love M.J.


   Dec 16

GOD and DOG Video



I am not the only dog who thinks this video rings true. My human says it describes how she feels about us canines. Here is the video link for  all of you. You can reach me at reelanimals@aol.com if you want to share your opinions. Someday I may get the comment section of my blog straightened out.          http://www.andiesisle.com/howto/copy_godanddog.html                          Love   M.J.

   Nov 28


DSC00556 DSC00557This was a great picture of my dog sister Brandy on the left, Maverick, my dog brother in the middle and ME. We are the 3 pug mixes in the family. Brandy is a puggle and Mav and I are JUGS. We all have under bites and curly tails. Just had to share. I really  wanted to show you my friend Annie.  She is a black pug mix. She LOVES food. When we are eating she watches over the top of the door. She stands on her tiptoes on the chair arm and peers over the door.( She really isn’t that tall) She has already eaten but is hoping for more.  Love M.J.DSC00570

   Nov 20

Does This Seem a bit Selfish?

I don’t understand my human. (That is Momma Jean but I call her that when I am upset with her). Her FAVORITE breakfast stop is Starbucks and she LOVES this sandwich called a mozzarella panni.  THERE’S NO MEAT IN IT! That seems a bit selfish to me. There I am sitting next to her in the car.  Did she get the Bacon Gouda muffin Sandwich? NO. She tried to get me to eat a piece of the panni with some cheese on it but I didn’t fall for that. Sometimes I don’t know where her head is.    Love  to all ..M.J.mitzi looks cute

   Nov 09


I got accepted to join the Family Reading Festival in Pottsville that is sponsored by the Republican Herald. There were around 55 booths there and I sold 18 Books!!! I even got to meet Clifford the Red Dog and he gave me some book advice. Here are some pictures from the event.  Love M.J.

Family Reading Festival

Family Reading Festival

DSC00481 DSC00482 DSC00484

Tired from busy day

Tired from busy day

   Nov 01

Another Cupboard to Conquer

closeup of offending lock

closeup of offending lock

(Pic on bottom refuses to transfer straight so please view sideways)

If you remember from my previous post I have a cupboard my treats USED to be kept in and have since been removed because I learned to open said cupboard.  Well, My human bought a big cupboard to store my visiting friend’s dog food .  It has two small catches inside to hold the doors shut. I have found that if I paw at the door long and hard enough I can bounce those latches loose and the doors magically open. My human,( I call her that when I am not happy with her) fixed the problem of me opening the doors with a new latch. It is also up too high for me to get to.  Some humans don’t play fair. Love M.J.

stupid pic won't  stand up correctly

stupid pic won’t stand up correctly