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   Dec 01



MY IDEA OF THE DAY                                                       

Yes folks this is what I thought would happen on Thanksgiving. The house was smelling great and then it happened. Folks ,she sent me to the daycare with the other dogs and we stayed out there while the humans ate all the food. I was so disappointed.  I am going to have to plan and be better prepared for  the Christmas dinner.  Love M.J.

   Nov 27


I am happy  to say  we now have over 4000 friends signed up for my words of wisdom. Who knew that humans cared so much what a dog has to say.  I would like to share a complaint about Thanksgiving Day.  The house was smelling great with wonderful smells of food. Just as I was thinking what a great day was ahead for us my human took all of us dogs out to the daycare and left us there while other humans showed up and ate my food! Oh, she threw a couple pieces on the floor for us when we came back inside but it wasn’t the day I had planned. Emotions are a tough thing for a dog to handle. One thing makes me happy the other makes me sad. Love M.J.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMitzi Jo sad

   Nov 12


My new book is now available on Amazon  and also in Kindle. Here are some pictures of me at a book event in Pottsville last weekend. I got to meet Curious George this year and I sold 22 books! 6 books of each book one and book two and 10 of my newest release. 3 people came and bought my 3rd book because they had bought the first 2 at last years event. I guess that means they liked them! Love to all,  M.J.img_20161105_111008231_hdr img_20161105_120411105_hdradcover

   Oct 18



 in trouble for teasing dogs

in trouble for teasing dogs

I am SO sorry it’s been a month since I posted. I have been busy helping my illustrator get our 3rd book completed. I am giving you a sneak peak at a couple of pictures. These are my friends  Suzy and her son, Sam squirrel. I will post to let you know when they are on Amazon

   Sep 01


I was enjoying a nice quiet moment under the bed away from all the other dogs and the fan was blowing on me. I wiggled myself in a bit farther then I normally do. ( It’s a king size bed.) I could hear that momma  Jean was getting ready to walk out the door because the other dogs were barking in the front room. I attempted to join them and found out I was stuck under the bed. I decided to call my  human to get her attention. Momma Jean heard my muffled little bark coming from the bedroom. We have a special connection of understanding each others behaviors. She knew this was not normal for me. I would be rushing the door to go along. Momma Jean found me under the bed and reached under and turned me on my side and dragged me out that way. Humiliating but it worked. Sorry no picture of the event. She was too worried about me but later she thought it was funny. (I still don’t though)  Love M.J.Mitzi Jo sad

   Aug 18


These are pictures of my human. She saw I posted yesterday and didn’t mention what happened to her. She was buying a new low calorie/carb drink in the alcohol section of the grocery store and when checking out the clerk asked for her ID. (There is no living with her now). Was the clerk a blind person? My human is going to be 63 this month! I had her buy that shirt. It says. ” I don’t care who dies in the movie as long as the dog lives.”  She wants me to tell you she has lost just over 51 pounds and wants to loose 5 more before maintaining.  She is doing  Take Shape for Life. It uses the Medifast plan. The first picture is her before the weight loss from 2 years ago.. Love M.J.

fat picture

fat picture


   Aug 17


I asked my dog friends to pose for a picture for you. That is me in the back on the left. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but my human is getting a bit lazy about this. SHe has been working on her weight doing the Medifast food  and she has more energy so she isn’t sitting at the computer like she use to.  I am still waiting on the pictures to complete our 3rd book in print.  When it is done you will be the first to know.  Love to all  M.J.dogs in daycare shot

   Jul 28


I know I am all about sharing but this is a bit too much. That is MY special place in daycare. It is where Momma Jean hides my treats for me to open the door and get them ( she thinks it’s cute) AND I sleep in there when the other dogs are active and noisy. Well, without asking a dog named Dude took it upon himself to settle in. I was offended by his being so forward and just retreated to my alternate cave.  The nerve of some dogs!  Love to all of YOU  M.J.DSC01327DSC01328

   Jul 23


Thank You Ms. Elaine for taking our picture at the Pyramid House. It is a place for teens with troubles. It was too hot for a costume today but I felt they could relate to my teen gangsta look. Momma Jean doesn’t approve. She thinks it makes kids look like they don’t know how to wear a hat. ( She’s very old fashion) what do you guys think? I think I am very trendy.  That’s my sister Brandy who swiped my hat for a bit of attention for herself. Where DOES she learn that stuff? Love M.J.

Totally fitting in with the teens

Totally fitting in with the teens

IMG_20160722_142946913 IMG_20160722_142948951 IMG_20160722_143022413

   Jul 17


mitzi on cover of Free Press 2016Words cannot express how surprised I was to see that MY picture landed on the front of our local Free Press monthly paper. I visit many local events and nursing homes in various outfits to fit the occasion and This picture won the heart of Mr Chris who publishes the paper. It was taken at the Arts Alive event in town by Miss Michele who takes pics of many local events.   I also wanted to share with you that I FINALLY got Momma Jean to join me on loosing weight. She started April 7th and has currently lost 45 pounds! That’s m0re my total weight! I will get her to pose with me for a picture real soon. Love to all.  MJ