A dog's view on life

   Jul 28


I know I am all about sharing but this is a bit too much. That is MY special place in daycare. It is where Momma Jean hides my treats for me to open the door and get them ( she thinks it’s cute) AND I sleep in there when the other dogs are active and noisy. Well, without asking a dog named Dude took it upon himself to settle in. I was offended by his being so forward and just retreated to my alternate cave.  The nerve of some dogs!  Love to all of YOU  M.J.DSC01327DSC01328

   Jul 23


Thank You Ms. Elaine for taking our picture at the Pyramid House. It is a place for teens with troubles. It was too hot for a costume today but I felt they could relate to my teen gangsta look. Momma Jean doesn’t approve. She thinks it makes kids look like they don’t know how to wear a hat. ( She’s very old fashion) what do you guys think? I think I am very trendy.  That’s my sister Brandy who swiped my hat for a bit of attention for herself. Where DOES she learn that stuff? Love M.J.

Totally fitting in with the teens

Totally fitting in with the teens

IMG_20160722_142946913 IMG_20160722_142948951 IMG_20160722_143022413

   Jul 17


mitzi on cover of Free Press 2016Words cannot express how surprised I was to see that MY picture landed on the front of our local Free Press monthly paper. I visit many local events and nursing homes in various outfits to fit the occasion and This picture won the heart of Mr Chris who publishes the paper. It was taken at the Arts Alive event in town by Miss Michele who takes pics of many local events.   I also wanted to share with you that I FINALLY got Momma Jean to join me on loosing weight. She started April 7th and has currently lost 45 pounds! That’s m0re my total weight! I will get her to pose with me for a picture real soon. Love to all.  MJ

   Jun 09

Pet Fair EVENT

Momma Jean and ME

Momma Jean and ME     I finally got  Momma Jean to pose in a picture with me. Of course I am the only one required to wear a silly head piece. She says it’s not the BEST picture of her but since she lost 32 pounds so far she want to have a picture of us. ( She has lightened her hair since our book picture to help hide the gray hair.) There must have been something on the camera because I have a white spot by my nose. The man took 4 pictures. I looked good in all of them but Momma Jean said she looked best in this one even though there is a white spot on ME in this picture.   Love to all  M.J.

   May 23

Celebrating with Friends

Hanging with friends

Hanging with friends

I’m very happy to say I got to go visit some of my friends at the memory care center. They loved my outfit and it’s the first time I wore this head piece. Momma Jean was surprised I didn’t try to take it off because the streamers  were hitting my ears when I moved my head. I liked it . It made me feel like I was wearing pigtails. Not REAL pig tails. It’s a hair style. I wonder why they call it that!Love M.J.IMG_20160520_140109319

I'm too cute for words

I’m too cute for words

   May 19

Proper Eating Stance

Here are some pictures of my lookalike dog brother, Maverick demonstrating how to keep me,( ugh I mean), other dogs from stealing his food while he eats. Notice how he keeps his head low so the whole bowl is covered and then he straddles the bowl with his feet on both sides to keep me,( ugh I mean) other dogs from approaching from the rear and sides to steel his food. All I, ( ugh I mean, ) the other dogs can hope for is a distraction so Maverick will lift his head and maybe leave the bowl. I will have to think this one over a bit. Love, M.J.

cover the entire bowl with your face

cover the entire bowl with your face

Plant your feet on both sides so they can't sneak up on you

Plant your feet on both sides so they can’t sneak up on you

   May 02


That's Me!

That’s Me!                                                        Sometime ago My Auntie Linda entered me in the Redner’s contest. They picked 5 finalist and I was very disappointed that they didn’t pick ME as a finalist. well, There must have been an oversight or something because they sent me this special reward. They put my picture on the card and then made a special tag for me to use at the store to get Purina products at a discount. That’s me in the flowered carriage on the top left and on the right. I knew I was special. It had to be that or that they are blind! Love to ALL my fans, M.J.      (This is Mitzi’s Momma Jean. Actually this was a free thing that Redners did for anyone who entered the contest but we don’t want to upset Miss Mitzi. Thank You to Auntie Linda for applying for it.)

   Apr 28

Special Eating Plan

It’s time to let the world know Momma Jean is (finally) trying to loose weight. She is doing well and has more energy then before. I have already expressed my concerns with her weight coach that there isn’t enough meat in these meals for her to share. I do however want you all to know Momma Jean is serious about the food she IS getting. Today I heard loud banging on the counter and it was Momma Jean trying to get the last of her smoothie out from under the blender’s blades. I stayed away. I don’t want to get between her and her meals right now. She is a bit protecting of her food these days. Reminds me of when she had ME on that “special eating plan” which I knew all the time was for weight loss. I got edgy too. I will keep you all posted on her success. Love M.J
Mitzi Jo sad

   Apr 18


Here I am in church sitting next to my dear friend Miss Elaine. I was helping Momma Jean door greet at church today and then after checking on the children in Sunday School to make sure they are all OK I then go and listen to the sermon and music.  We all need to hear  GOD’S WORD to keep us on the right path. All creatures need to hear HIS words so we stay on the right path and treat each other with kindness. See , going to church has even made me preachy.Love to All.




   Apr 07


We are in the process of having book three, A Doggy Daycare Day- AN Autumn Day, being illustrated. My wonderful illustrator lives in Italy and is Andre Vitali. He has done the first two books. He found my request online that I was looking for an illustrator for my first book and I have used him for all. My human explains the scenes to him and re in the book the scene goes and he then creates the pictures He even made our books book web site too. Here is a sneak peek of an illustration from  AN Autumn Day. Love to all. M.J.(That’s me in the middle)AD1b