A dog's view on life

   Mar 12

My Dog Brother Grady

This is my dog brother Grady. He has been learning how to be a therapy dog for humans. I have been coaching him in the importance of dressing up for the humans. I am hoping he will be able to cover for me on the days I need to take a break. I am pushing 14 this year and the long days are getting hard on me.  Here is a picture of my recent st Patty’s day visit with Brandy and Samantha too.  Love to all of you  M.J.DSC00377 - CopySt pattys hosp visit

   Feb 21

Night To Shine Event

I was honored to be asked to help out in the Sensory room of this fine event. If guest get overwhelmed with excitement they can come to our room and fell calm by petting me. I was so excited to gear it was a formal event and INSISTED I get to wear one too. My dog sister Brandy was there too and so was Samantha and Gracie my dog friends. It was great to be able to help humans have fun   Love to All M.J.Night To shin EventDSC00406DSC00404

   Jan 26



Mitz jo making mom feel guilty

This is Mitzi Jo’s mom. Mitzi isn’t speaking to me so I must do the posting. This is what I think happened. We had 6 boarding dogs come in the house with us last night and I left the door open to be able to see through the storm door if a dog was straggling behind. A dog named Teddy showed up about 5 minutes later.I let him in and went ahead and had dinner. After dinner I went to Choir practice from 7 to 930 pm. I was passing out Mitzi’s favorite treat, green beans , and she was nowhere to be found. I searched and called and Lisa and Harry  helped me look..I then went to the barn and looked and called and still no Mitzi Jo. Suddenly she appeared at the front yard storm door. I felt like the mom in the first Home Alone movie. Mitzi must have not made it in the house when we came in at 530PM and was in the front yard/ barn area all that time. She is upset that I didn’t miss her all that time. I feel guilty but she needs to come when she is called and I felt her feet when she came in the house and they were warm as toast. I believe she went back into the barn and took a long nap. I will ALWAYS count heads from now on.                                                                                                          THIS is Mitzi Jo    I am going to get a lot of mileage out of this guilt thing.

   Dec 25

Christmas Time Duty

Here are some pictures of me on duty as door greeter at church. I enjoy bringing smiles to everyone’s face and show them what unconditional love is really like.dsc00085 dsc00086 dsc00088

   Dec 16


Living in a small town atmosphere is great. I had lived my first two years in California before moving to Quakertown. ( I am now 13).  What some of you may take for granted that I notice is how quaint things are here. I love the celebrations that Quakertown Alive put on.  The tree lighting , the parades and the Arts Alive and Autumn Alive are all fun community things. During the Holiday season the meters are covered in town so people can patronize the downtown shops without feeding a meter.  Music plays from the bank in town on the hour. I love the little stands of fruits and veggies that people put out in front of their house AND they use the honor system. ( Never would work in LA ,Ca. )dsc00406 My all time favorite which I can now say in public since the jewelry store has closed was Kulp Jewelers use to prop his front door open during the summer months.  My human says it’s like living in Mayberry. ( Wherever THAT is). Here’s a picture of me judging the pet parade.   Having lived elsewhere has made me appreciate these things. I also love the “at home” businesses  in the area.  Beauty shops, repair businesses, many kinds of things can be found in a friendly at home atmosphere. Sure there are some troublesome areas in any town but I am happy to say I never see them.  Thank You humans for making Quakertown and it’s surrounding towns such a nice place to be.  Love and Happy New Year, M.J.

   Dec 07



me(Mitzi Jo) in front. Brandy in back

Every dog wants and needs a purpose in life. This is one of mine. I enjoy making people smile and feel good just by looking at me. I enjoy all the petting too. it’s like everywhere I go there’s a doggy massage parlor. I have many outfits  for the year. As you can see this is my elf outfit. I also have a Santa suit and then a winter dress with snowman to wear AFTER the Christmas season. We were at the hospital today and the folks loved us. This is the first year we added flashing lights to my sleigh. I wanted to add a video but it won’t let me add it to my blog so I guess I will just put me on facebook.  Love to all my fans,  MJ (and brandy too)

   Dec 01



MY IDEA OF THE DAY                                                       

Yes folks this is what I thought would happen on Thanksgiving. The house was smelling great and then it happened. Folks ,she sent me to the daycare with the other dogs and we stayed out there while the humans ate all the food. I was so disappointed.  I am going to have to plan and be better prepared for  the Christmas dinner.  Love M.J.

   Nov 27


I am happy  to say  we now have over 4000 friends signed up for my words of wisdom. Who knew that humans cared so much what a dog has to say.  I would like to share a complaint about Thanksgiving Day.  The house was smelling great with wonderful smells of food. Just as I was thinking what a great day was ahead for us my human took all of us dogs out to the daycare and left us there while other humans showed up and ate my food! Oh, she threw a couple pieces on the floor for us when we came back inside but it wasn’t the day I had planned. Emotions are a tough thing for a dog to handle. One thing makes me happy the other makes me sad. Love M.J.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMitzi Jo sad

   Nov 12


My new book is now available on Amazon  and also in Kindle. Here are some pictures of me at a book event in Pottsville last weekend. I got to meet Curious George this year and I sold 22 books! 6 books of each book one and book two and 10 of my newest release. 3 people came and bought my 3rd book because they had bought the first 2 at last years event. I guess that means they liked them! Love to all,  M.J.img_20161105_111008231_hdr img_20161105_120411105_hdradcover

   Oct 18



 in trouble for teasing dogs

in trouble for teasing dogs

I am SO sorry it’s been a month since I posted. I have been busy helping my illustrator get our 3rd book completed. I am giving you a sneak peak at a couple of pictures. These are my friends  Suzy and her son, Sam squirrel. I will post to let you know when they are on Amazon