A dog's view on life

   Jul 03


I am Mitzi Jo. My human , Jean Griffin-Young , found me in a pet store in PA and took me back to CA with her . She was a studio animal trainer then and trained me to do TV and commericals. I didn’t get to do much before we moved back to PA where my human’s family lives. I did get to go to to MN. for a still shoot when I was 8 months old. Since living in PA I have done 3 different commerical spots. One was a car commercial in the Pittsburg area , an industry film, and in 2011 I went to Baltimore for a commercial for the Nat Geo channel on TV ALL OVER the COUNTRY!!!. I am grateful for the attention though AND the car rides that are involved. I love being the head dog around here. There was no question in MY mind that I would be the lead dog. Attitude is half the battle of being the leader. I do, however, rule fairly. I am also a Therapy dog in a group called Canines for Christ. Love, M.J.

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