A dog's view on life

   May 30

Brandy at Camp

Hi I am Brandy, Mitzi Jo’s dog sister.  I too am a Therapy dog like Mitzi Jo so when our human, Momma Jean said I was going to therapy I thought she was taking me somewhere special.  Finally I get to go with Momma Jean by myself and get all the attention. Well ,when we arrived at our destination it wasn’t a nursing home but a VET OFFICE! This was Physical therapy and they were calling it FAT CAMP!!!!  Yes I know  that humans have commented on my weight being heavy so now I am enrolled in Fat Camp at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital. I will be coming here a few times a week for 8 weeks for exercise to help burn calories.  I Do like water and the treadmill is in water to make it easier on my joints as I walk so we will see how this goes. Not sure this is going to be a ” pleasant “thing. I feel I was tricked. Next time I will pay attention when the humans speak and listen to every word. Going to Physical Therapy is different then Pet Therapy. Love  Brandy  PS just got back from PT and it was great. I got lots of attention AND  Matt and Momma Jean both rubbed my joints before and after my excersise.water treadmillDSC00134Walking and swimming with treadmill

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