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   Apr 11

Mitzi Jo is in the Doghouse

Oh Boy did I get into trouble. We had a visiting dog  on OUR bed in the house and when I came up the ramp to go to bed he snapped at ME.  ME! This is MY House! I started arguing with him as Momma Jean lead him off the bed to revoke his house privileges. Well I went to add my 2 cents and meant to grab ( some people call it a bite) the offending dog as Momma Jean lead him away and I got Momma Jeans hand instead. OOOPS! It wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t pull her hand away and make it a bigger wound. No urgent cares were open at 11PM at night so it was morning before she went her her doctor. I got reported to the county from the doctor ( tattletale) but those are the rules. Momma Jean made me go to church with her that Sunday even though it wasn’t door greeting week. Now that some time has past she has forgiven me because she knew I was just standing me ground with that smarty pants dog invading my space.  Love to all.  M.J.

Mitzi Jo sad

Mitzi Jo sad

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