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   Jan 26



Mitz jo making mom feel guilty

This is Mitzi Jo’s mom. Mitzi isn’t speaking to me so I must do the posting. This is what I think happened. We had 6 boarding dogs come in the house with us last night and I left the door open to be able to see through the storm door if a dog was straggling behind. A dog named Teddy showed up about 5 minutes later.I let him in and went ahead and had dinner. After dinner I went to Choir practice from 7 to 930 pm. I was passing out Mitzi’s favorite treat, green beans , and she was nowhere to be found. I searched and called and Lisa and Harry  helped me look..I then went to the barn and looked and called and still no Mitzi Jo. Suddenly she appeared at the front yard storm door. I felt like the mom in the first Home Alone movie. Mitzi must have not made it in the house when we came in at 530PM and was in the front yard/ barn area all that time. She is upset that I didn’t miss her all that time. I feel guilty but she needs to come when she is called and I felt her feet when she came in the house and they were warm as toast. I believe she went back into the barn and took a long nap. I will ALWAYS count heads from now on.                                                                                                          THIS is Mitzi Jo    I am going to get a lot of mileage out of this guilt thing.

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