A dog's view on life

   Dec 16


Living in a small town atmosphere is great. I had lived my first two years in California before moving to Quakertown. ( I am now 13).  What some of you may take for granted that I notice is how quaint things are here. I love the celebrations that Quakertown Alive put on.  The tree lighting , the parades and the Arts Alive and Autumn Alive are all fun community things. During the Holiday season the meters are covered in town so people can patronize the downtown shops without feeding a meter.  Music plays from the bank in town on the hour. I love the little stands of fruits and veggies that people put out in front of their house AND they use the honor system. ( Never would work in LA ,Ca. )dsc00406 My all time favorite which I can now say in public since the jewelry store has closed was Kulp Jewelers use to prop his front door open during the summer months.  My human says it’s like living in Mayberry. ( Wherever THAT is). Here’s a picture of me judging the pet parade.   Having lived elsewhere has made me appreciate these things. I also love the “at home” businesses  in the area.  Beauty shops, repair businesses, many kinds of things can be found in a friendly at home atmosphere. Sure there are some troublesome areas in any town but I am happy to say I never see them.  Thank You humans for making Quakertown and it’s surrounding towns such a nice place to be.  Love and Happy New Year, M.J.

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