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   Aug 08


Seems we have a forest neighbor who has overlooked the fence line rule. You can’t see the hole in the middle of these dogs but up close I can tell SOMEONE has moved in that is unauthorized to be here. I don’t know why there is no dirt around the hole. They tried to hide […]

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   May 30

Brandy at Camp

Hi I am Brandy, Mitzi Jo’s dog sister.  I too am a Therapy dog like Mitzi Jo so when our human, Momma Jean said I was going to therapy I thought she was taking me somewhere special.  Finally I get to go with Momma Jean by myself and get all the attention. Well ,when we […]

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   Apr 25


Did you ever see that section of People magazine that has the section of 2 people wearing the same outfit? ( Yes, I read People. It’s how I keep up with what humans are all about,(themselevs) ) Well Momma Jean and Auntie Linda found this lion headpiece for Brandy . I laughed so hard they […]

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   Apr 11

Mitzi Jo is in the Doghouse

Oh Boy did I get into trouble. We had a visiting dog  on OUR bed in the house and when I came up the ramp to go to bed he snapped at ME.  ME! This is MY House! I started arguing with him as Momma Jean lead him off the bed to revoke his house […]

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   Mar 12

My Dog Brother Grady

This is my dog brother Grady. He has been learning how to be a therapy dog for humans. I have been coaching him in the importance of dressing up for the humans. I am hoping he will be able to cover for me on the days I need to take a break. I am pushing […]

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   Feb 21

Night To Shine Event

I was honored to be asked to help out in the Sensory room of this fine event. If guest get overwhelmed with excitement they can come to our room and fell calm by petting me. I was so excited to gear it was a formal event and INSISTED I get to wear one too. My […]

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   Jan 26


This is Mitzi Jo’s mom. Mitzi isn’t speaking to me so I must do the posting. This is what I think happened. We had 6 boarding dogs come in the house with us last night and I left the door open to be able to see through the storm door if a dog was straggling […]

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   Dec 25

Christmas Time Duty

Love to All throughout the Year

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   Dec 16


Living in a small town atmosphere is great. I had lived my first two years in California before moving to Quakertown. ( I am now 13).  What some of you may take for granted that I notice is how quaint things are here. I love the celebrations that Quakertown Alive put on.  The tree lighting […]

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   Dec 07


Every dog wants and needs a purpose in life. This is one of mine. I enjoy making people smile and feel good just by looking at me. I enjoy all the petting too. it’s like everywhere I go there’s a doggy massage parlor. I have many outfits  for the year. As you can see this […]

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