A dog's view on life

   Jan 16

Mine All Mine

Momma Jean says this is being stingy but I wasn’t the one who piled all the beds together while SHE does the carpets. I enjoy laying at a slight slanted position and this gives me a great opportunity to do so. ( later she “Yanked” the beds out from under me and put them back on the carpet but   I enjoyed them while I had them.   Love to all my Fans   MJ

Beds what beds?

Beds what beds?

   Jan 01

New Outfit for Prom Night Event

My church is holding an event called  Night to Shine. It’s a prom night event for Special needs people. I was there last year too. My friends and I work a room called the sensory room. That is where the people can come to calm down and relax if the event is too overwhelming. My job is to distract them from being upset. Everyone knows that petting a puppy calms humans down and makes them feel good. I think I will wear this.

Dress up for MJ

Dress up for MJ


   Dec 01

The Elf on the Shelf

This is Mitzi Jo’s impression of an ELF on the SHELF. She is my own personal mischief maker.Mitzi Jo elf

   Nov 25

My Dear Friend Annie

We wish to bid a fond farewell to our very good friend Annie as she continues her life journey. Good bye dear friend.

ANNIE 11/25/2017

ANNIE 11/25/2017

   Oct 25


This is such a comforting thought that I thought all of you must know someone who has lost a great four legged friend  and  would appreciate this.  The magazine t came from is at the bottom .   Love M.J.Scan0001


   Oct 06


Here we are coming out of a luncheon for the AARP. When I heard I was going to a luncheon I thought there would be food involved. Grady is our fireman and is 10 yrs old.  Brandy is the lion and is 8 and I am Dorothy and I will be 14 next month.grady best fire truck best oz picsHope we see you around town. Love M.J.

   Sep 21


My fancy  OutfitI am so Happy and proud of my formal attire. Well my human decided I needed this new headdress for this time of year. Can you tell by my face what I think of It?

My face says it all

My face says it all  love M.J.

   Sep 19


Seems Brandy and Grady complained to our human that when we go on our Therapy visits to nursing homes that they don’t get enough attention because they have to ride in the back and I have the front seat. (Sound like your human kids?). Here is a picture of both carriages. Well, our human mom decided to settle the complaint by getting a side by side carriage for us. Now I will have to share the attention. She also said this will be easier to steer which is a blessing because she was always running into hospital beds with the long carriage. (Sometimes I feel like I am in a bumper car). I call it a carriage because I am a princess and we ride in carriages not strollers.  I would also like to mention to all you humans to be sure to look for ALL your loved ones BEFORE closing a closet door or a GARAGE DOOR.  This is the second time I was exploring inside the storage side of our garage and had the door shut on ME! At first I enjoyed a quiet nap but then I learned after that last time I was left behind that I better make some noise or I’ll miss my dinner.  Thank goodness my friend Sue heard me and rescued me and took me to the house where my human was waiting for me. It doesn’t make a dog feel real special when you don’t notice that they are missing. That is all I’m going to say on the matter.  ( I feel a bit taken for granted)  Love M.J.     ( She just HAD to add a silly picture of us too)




   Aug 08


DSC00216Seems we have a forest neighbor who has overlooked the fence line rule. You can’t see the hole in the middle of these dogs but up close I can tell SOMEONE has moved in that is unauthorized to be here. I don’t know why there is no dirt around the hole. They tried to hide it really well.What did they do with the dirt. Do you think it’s some dogs tunneling out like in that movie  Stalag 13?   BOL.  I will have to try to ask Susie Squirrel to explain the rules to the offender before a dog sees him and he gets hurt. My dog brother Jiggs isn’t much of a threat anymore because his hearing is really bad  and his eyesight is bad too so now the creatures have a fair chance with him. Brandy is doing OK in Far Camp. She has lost 2 pounds which they say is good for a dog. That is like 7 pounds to a human.  Love to ALL    M.J.



   May 30

Brandy at Camp

Hi I am Brandy, Mitzi Jo’s dog sister.  I too am a Therapy dog like Mitzi Jo so when our human, Momma Jean said I was going to therapy I thought she was taking me somewhere special.  Finally I get to go with Momma Jean by myself and get all the attention. Well ,when we arrived at our destination it wasn’t a nursing home but a VET OFFICE! This was Physical therapy and they were calling it FAT CAMP!!!!  Yes I know  that humans have commented on my weight being heavy so now I am enrolled in Fat Camp at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital. I will be coming here a few times a week for 8 weeks for exercise to help burn calories.  I Do like water and the treadmill is in water to make it easier on my joints as I walk so we will see how this goes. Not sure this is going to be a ” pleasant “thing. I feel I was tricked. Next time I will pay attention when the humans speak and listen to every word. Going to Physical Therapy is different then Pet Therapy. Love  Brandy  PS just got back from PT and it was great. I got lots of attention AND  Matt and Momma Jean both rubbed my joints before and after my excersise.water treadmillDSC00134Walking and swimming with treadmill